How does God Reveal Himself to Moses (Exodus 1-4)

Many things are revealed in the way God has come forth to Moses. God comes to Moses in nature and the wilderness with a spectacular fiery image. A bush was inflamed but not burning. Would you be frightened? Would you run?

Then God speaks out to Moses. Hearing the voice of God is no easy task. It may be difficult in today's noise and being constantly being plugged? God does not talk through technology, but the quiet and peace. Would you be able to hear his voice? To hear his voice you must come to the quiet. God has revealed himself in a way that most would not typically think. This tells me once again God's ways are not our ways. 

God instructs Moses to remove the shoes from his feet. We must come to God in reverence and with a sincere heart. God's image is so pure even in the image of a fire that Moses had to hide his face. 

Chapter 1 starts with the Egyptians killing all of the male babies of the Hebrew people. Not a good way to start out and you will know you are a corrupt generation. God will show them vengeance. Let us all remember protecting the innocent. 

In Chapter 4 Moses has doubts. What I find so awesome that God will empower us. Even though Moses was not an eloquent speaker and many believe had some type of speech impediment (i.e. stuttering, etc). God has made us with certain weaknesses, but by God's Grace we can overcome them. The story of Moses certainly holds that to be true.

Heavenly Father, please speak to my heart as you spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Allow me to understand the importance of the setting in which you communicate. Let me know when trials and doubts come that You are with me. You are in control. Help me to give You the praise, thanks, and worship that You deserve. I pray this in the powerful, powerful name of Jesus.


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