Genesis 46-50

Once again Joseph gives God the glory in Genesis 50:20. 50:20 speaks of God's will and the ability for God to do extraordinary things considering human circumstances. God's will be done and he can do all things if we give him the Glory he deserves and put our faith in him.
Love the prophecy of Jacob before his death in Genesis 49. Let us all think of how a prophet would explain our characters. We are all created and still alive for a reason. Let us make the most out of our lives and live life the way God wants us to live. Remember God knows the heart.
Jacob speaks, "Few and hard have been years of my life" (Gen 47:9). Jacob was 130 years old when he stated this. I think we can all related that our lives have gone by very quickly so far and they have not always been easy. Even if you live to 100 your life is in a blink of an eye. We are all going to die soon. Let us get ready. Heavenly Father help us to give you the glory, put our faith in you, reflect on our lives, and realize that this life is short. I pray this in the name of Jesus.


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