Exodus 5-8

Yahweh, I Am, are all revelations that our Heavenly Father has given to us in Chapter 6. He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and Omega. He gives life to all and is the only reason we can even take a breath. All power, authority, and dominions are subject to him.  His power is everlasting.  

Side notes:
Chapter 5:
It is quite amazing that Pharaoh heard God yet rejected him.  Pharaoh's pride got in the way as he viewed himself in charge and not able to bow the the One True God.  Similar to Lucifer.

Chapter 6:
God's covenant is eternal and shall not be broken.  The will of God shall be fulfilled.

Chater 7-8
Pharaoh's hardened heart prevented him from bowing to the atrocities done to Egypt.  God sends us many signs to attempt to wake us up when we stray.  We can be like pharaoh and enables a state of being deaf, dumb, and blind.

Heavenly Father, help me to hear your voice and heed the warning you give me before you show your mighty strength.  Help me to be your servant and let me know your Truths.  I believe all things are possible when I follow you.  Help me to trust you and increase my faith.  I pray this in the powerful name of Jesus.  

P.S.  Please pray for me as I have what I see to be a small issue tomorrow that could potentially turn into a bigger problem, so if anyone would be so kind to say a special prayer for me it would be appreciated.  


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