When the Tide Shifts

How does one become calm and peaceful?  One must rest in the Lord and follow His Commandments.  Are my/your plans being brought to the Lord?  How does one handle issues they arise?  Bring them to God first.  Not having duplicity in one's life and being humble are keys to success. 

Heavenly Father, assist me in being a humble person and one that trusts in you.  Help me to bring things to you first when things are going wrong.  You have the Power to change me.  I pray this in the name of Jesus.


Ch 75 Shifting Moods

Understand that life is not based solely on spiritual highs.Life comes with it’s share of ups and downs.You were not designed to be a robot, nor does God expect it.God gave free will and understands the way way we are made.God calls all to be with him.Will you choose his way?Life has peaks and valleys.This is what makes life a journey.Strive harder to live life for and with God.

Ch 74 Knowledge without Virtue

Ch 74 Knowledge without Virtue

Knowledge, Power, and Learning should not generate pride or ego.  One should identify the true source of these blessings.  Staying unified with the Lord will assist with leadership and skillsets.  These gifts are from the Lord.  God can take any of gifts, health, or even life in a fingersnap.  Do not take things for granted.Be thankful for health as illness is all around me.  One must trust in the Lord and be thankful for the great years that one has.  Life is frustrating at times, but be thankful for the blessing bestowed by the Great and Mighty One.

Ch 73 The Dangers of Knowledge

Ch 73 The Dangers of Knowledge

Learning is a blessing.  There will be times where one is confident in their ability and other where one feels felt powerless.  Many people think they are so smart/educated and look down on others.  These people are blinded and realistically dumb in God's eyes.  They could care less and prob think belief is a fool's game.  Education and learning is a blessing.  We should continue to learn and progress in life.  God gave us a brain and we need to use it.  What defines true success?

Ch71 Danger of Overconfidence

Ch71 Danger of Overconfidence One should be striving to get better and achieve great heights. Being aware of the true source is the answer to overconfidence. We must give God the Glory when great things happen to us. Understanding that we are weak is extremely important. We would be crushed by our own follies if it was not for God's grace. Hell is a real and scary place. Get your mind right and live the life that God wants you to live. The one who plays with fire has the capability to get burned.

Ch 72 Dangers of Overconfidence

Ch 72 Dangers of Overconfidence One should strive to be a pious man.  Avoid being worldly.  Don't take God's protection for granted and don't rely on it.  Your small feeble actions are not enough for God and are only available due to His Grace.  The ability to face temptation and overcome is a big step for the spiritually mature.  Temptation will come and one must be strong to overcome.  Put your trust in God to over come.

Ch 70 Temptation to Presumption

The devil never sleeps.   The devil is always attempting to check us in a game of chess.  He has many ploys and deceptions.  Ultimately the devil wants us dead in body and spirit.  We must remember we are two parts;  body and spirit.  We can live as a man or an animal.  Which will we choose One should not take God's Mercy for granted.  While His Mercy endures forever, His justice and Might are equally as strong.  We can not do it by ourself and there are forces at work on both sides.  You must be in tune otherwise we can fall away.  Help us O' Lord.