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The Enemy

The enemy's name is Satan and he is the father of all lies.  Satan knows your weaknesses and will attempt to work on them by tempting you and attempting to bring you to sin.  Satan has already been defeated by the Blood of Jesus Christ.  He still reigns on this earth and has powers, so beware.  Read below for some steps that you can do to counter the enemy.

Know your weaknesses.  Be real to yourself and know what you are prone to give in to. When temptation comes turn to Jesus.  No temptation is greater than Jesus and he understands as he was tempted on this earth as well.Do not delay when dealing with temptation.  When tempted do not flirt with the tempter; reject it immediately and move on. Sin will not allow you to become the person you were designed to be.  Like the saying, "If you play with matches you are going to get burnt."  So too with temptation, if you entertain the tempter you will fall into sin.  Know that the devil is real.  Do not give in fight; you are at…

Trials and tribulations

This world is filled with temptations, trials, and tribulations.  Do not discouraged by these as God will sustain you through the tough times. For these reasons one should not be enamoured by the enticings of this world. Prepare yourself and live for Jesus.