Aligning Myself

God is always looking to guide me and teach me.  Am I looking to serve and love Him as I should?How much time do I give to God?    My selfish ways get in the way.

Only God can show me the way, but I must be attuned to what he has in store for me. Only by living the way that God wants me to live will I attain the satisfaction in which God has for me to experience.  God puts people into my life for a reason

  • Write down a list of God's gifts to you.  (it would compose a book)
  • Remove all negative people / things that take you away from God

My God, help me to give you the time you deserve.  It is only when I align my life with you that I attain true happiness.  I am nothing without you and only you can set me free.  I turn to you and plead for your mercy in patience in this situation.  Help me O' Lord and assist me in overcoming the issues that I am faced with.


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